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I'm Christy. Christian first, wife to a Retired Soldier, mom to 7, our oldest is with the Lord after he called her home against a battle against AML leukemia. I am a Homeschooling/SAHM/Housewife. The biggest blessing in my life is serving The Lord, Jesus Christ. I am a sinner, fail often, but am forgiven.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Goal met!!!

I've lost 31 lbs!!!!!! Today also marks 5 weeks since I had my surgery! It's amazing to me that I've lost 31 lbs in 5 weeks! I go see my doctor and nutritionist next week, I really hope I'll be close to or at 35 lbs by then! We have baseball tonight for both of our big boys, so once home we'll go for a walk and then I plan on going to our community gym and working out on the eliptical and some light weights! I'm so excited to see the weight come off, hopefully with the extra that I'm able to do now, the next 19 will come off pretty easy. I honestly can not wait to hit the 50 lb mark. My next reasonable goal is to have 40 lbs off by the time I hit the 2 month mark, which I believe is very attainable.

We went to my parents this weekend. They have a pool and I was able to swim around in it, play with the kids. It's not a pool I can easily do laps in, but while I was in, I tried to make sure I was moving, well other than the time I was on the very comfortable pool chair! LOL

While at my parents, my dad made brownies. Brownies have always been my favorite dessert. I had a true affection for them, just loved them. They smelled amazing. I would have loved to have been able to have had a bite, but I can't and I was okay with it. I will say that was the biggest self-control I've had to have so far. I was honestly very proud of myself.

Tomorrow I'm calling our Wellness Center and making an appointment to get back in, be evaluated, and look forward to them helping me get healthy! My husband said they have pedometers, so I'll be getting one of those, so I can keep track of my steps.

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