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Friday, June 27, 2014

Another goal met!!!

Last night after bible study a friend asked for a ride home. She had her own surgery (not the Sleeve, but RNY). I've not bought a scale yet, so I asked my friend if she had one that I could get on.
I have lost exactly 40 lbs!!! Tuesday marked 8 weeks since I had my sleeve! It's amazing to think that in a little less than 2 months, I've lost 40 lbs. FORTY!
My goal for 12 weeks, is 50 lbs. I believe I will meet that goal.  My friend is going to start going to the gym with me a couple times a week and then walking 5 days a week at least (some weeks I walk 7 days) and last night we walked 5 miles and that included 2 pretty good hills. I will say the hill was not nearly as exhausting as it has been in the past. After our walk, I felt so energized.
It's been really amazing so far and I honestly am just so excited to see the transformation with my body and inside as well. I recognize my triggers, when I'm actually hungry or at least NEED to eat vs just eating to eat, emotions that go into the desire to eat and other options (like going for a walk) when I'm dealing with emotions that make me want to dig into a pan of brownies.
This is not easy. The surgery was a tool, but I'm the one who has to make the good choices. I have to choose to eat high/lean protein, I have to exercise. Each of these 3 things will help me to get to a healthy weight, and just be healthy over all.
One pound at a time, and everything that it takes is worth it.

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