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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Marriage taken lightly

In my years of research of Gastric Bypass surgeries. There are of course the many benefits to these surgeries: weight loss, lower chances of diseases from diabetes, heart issues, cancers, etc.
Many people after weight loss can go a little "crazy", so to speak. Many will begin to drink heavily and/or very often, many decide that they don't need their spouse and divorce. Some spouses feel threatened from their partners new body and outlook on life.

What bothers me so much though, is that on the various support pages I'm on, as I see hurting people, I see others encouraging them to walk away from their promise to God and their spouse. People do not take their vows seriously and as soon as the roads hands them some bumps or curves, they are ready to walk away. There seems to be very few of us who encourage them to try to work on their marriage. There's no forgiveness, there's no seeking guidance to work it out, it's just "walk away and be happy". Happiness is a fleeting emotion. What  makes you happy today, may cause you sorrow tomorrow. Marriage is sacred and it's not just between the man and woman, it's between God, as well. Divorce is rarely the answer. It makes me sad and hurts my heart and honestly at times just makes me angry. Angry to see how marriage is so often just taken so lightly by people. I also get angry when people assume that someone's marriage is going to be in danger because of this surgery and life style change.

Please join me in praying for marriage in general and for those who take marriage AND divorce so lightly.
Pray that they will instead of seeking advice from people on facebook, they will seek the Lord instead.

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