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I'm Christy. Christian first, wife to a Retired Soldier, mom to 7, our oldest is with the Lord after he called her home against a battle against AML leukemia. I am a Homeschooling/SAHM/Housewife. The biggest blessing in my life is serving The Lord, Jesus Christ. I am a sinner, fail often, but am forgiven.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

First Weigh In!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited! I had my appointment at the nutrition clinic and first thing I do is get on the scale. Normally that act is dreaded, not today! I honestly figured I'd lost at most 10 lbs, but what I found was instead I'd lost 19 lbs!!!! Now in general they do not want me losing that much in a week, because I will not just be losing fat, but will be losing lean mass and too fast can also effect my organs. So the goal is 5-10lbs a week. I obviously would prefer to lose 10 lbs a week. I can not tell you how much of a motivator it is, and I can not wait until I can start going to the gym and working out!!

We talked about my diet and how I will proceed. She told me that by this weekend I will be able to able to move to phase II of my diet, and that will allow pea, bean, and lentil soups, yogurt, milk, and pudding to my diet. When I see my doctor on Thursday, I will know for sure when I can start phase II. I honestly am really looking forward to phase II, since I know it'll give me actual substance and variety!

I need to find a "before" picture at my highest weight and I had Chad take a couple pictures today. I will be probably take a picture once a week, so at the very least I can see my progress! I will post them on here, soon, so you can all see my progress as well! I have not been brave enough, yet to share my starting weight, maybe in a couple more weeks. I am still honestly just so ashamed of where I got. That number is something of the past and one I will NEVER, EVER, EVER see again on the scale. EVER! That in and of itself is exciting.


Mom Of Many said...

I saw the link come up in my feed and had to peek...I am so proud of you!! God has such good plans for you and part of that is to be healthy - you are well on your way!! 19 lbs!! Way to rock it! Keep your eyes on the prize!! SOOO proud of you!

Mom Of Many said...

PS Please thank your husband for his service to our country...and thank you and your children as well. Being a military mom I have a gigantic place in my heart for military families...thank you! xo

Janis said...

Awesome! Way to go!!!! So proud of you! ;)