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Thursday, May 1, 2014

There's No Place Like Home Sweet Home

Surgery went great. Tuesday, most of the day is a blur. I remember my parents bringing the kids up for about 5 minutes to visit before taking EG to ballet. Hubby was at the hospital pretty well all day and into the early evening. Not the funnest way to spend your birthday, but he did finally head home, enjoyed a good dinner and his birthday cheese cake, that our oldest son made for him.
I had to be at the hospital on Tuesday at 9:30, my doctor was doing the first surgery of the day already, I was wheeled in around 10:30 or 11 I believe, before I even left the room I got changed and had my iv placed in, they had given me meds, I remember that as we were going down the hall we stopped at the waiting room and I gave my husband a kiss and the nurses talking to me, and that's the last I remember. After surgery I went into recovery for an hour, and then from there I went into my room that I'd stay in until today's discharge. I have no memory of recovery, and honestly no idea what time I actually came to. I know I was back in my room by 4, because of when my parents came up with the kids. I had the worst case of "cotton mouth" aka dry mouth. I couldn't drink anything that first day. Thankfully I was able to swab my mouth out with water and just spit it out. I also couldn't get out of my bed that first day either.
When they had told me I wouldn't walk until the day after my surgery, I thought they were crazy. I have had 6 c-sections, but they were 100000% right! I not only had no desire to walk that first day, I had no energy to. I forgot how exhausting it is to be completely put under and that your body just needs that rest!
My recovery nurses were awesome! I had the same nurses the whole time I was in the hospital and can not say enough about how wonderful they were.
Wednesday, I was able to get up and walk, then around 11 I had my barium swallow, which was to check and make sure I had no leaks in my much smaller stomach. While I was having my swallow study, one of the two visiting surgeons one from Ft. Carson and one from Ft. Lewis, they observed. My doctor has quite a few years of experience, but they have even more experience. The surgeon from Carson was there during my swallow study said that my sleeve surgery went beautifully and that I have the smallest and tightest sleeve they have done so far, and that my weight loss will be quite great and will be more than Dr. C had initially anticipated.
They were all very happy with how the surgery went and how I was recovering.
I did a fair amount of walking on Wednesday,with lots of naps, drinking my water, sipping my broth, and more napping. My parents headed home early evening while the hubs took the kids to the last night of AWANA which is a fun Carnival that the youth group puts on. After AWANA he brought the kids up to see me. They stayed about 20 or so minutes, then I was able to walk them to the elevator and kiss everyone goodbye/good night.
Wednesday night I fell asleep around midnight, after my nurse came in and gave me a dose of my medicine and then I slept for the next 7 hours, uninterrupted! Do you know how good that feels? 7 hours straight! I am not sure the last time I slept like that! I woke up and felt AMAZING!! My doctor came up and looked at my incisions, talked to me about how I was feeling and doing and told me I was going to be able to go home today! He came back up after lunch and said I was good to go! I had 2 friends who work at the hospital come to visit me. One of the friends is actually part of the team for this surgery, she was great at encouraging me and reminding me to take it easy (no church on Sunday! LOL) and just wants me to take care of myself!! The other friend, is going to have the same surgery. She is having some knee problems, so until that is resolved she can't have the Sleeve surgery done, (please pray for her to get answers on her knee) and I was able to tell her about my experience. I am praying she's able to have the surgery soon, so that we can do this journey together.
I got home today, was greeted by 4 out of the 5 kiddos with Miss O napping. I started to dose on the couch, since I didn't sleep much at the hospital today, once I woke up at 7. Once "O" was up, JT took her straight downstairs and they all left for the grocery store, and I slept the whole time. I woke up 3 hours later when the husband called to let me know they were finally in line at the store.
I was able to eat some broth this evening, continue with my water, and took a shower for the first time since Monday evening. Let me just say I felt like a new woman after that shower! Hubby helped me change my dressing, from where they took the drain out of my stomach this morning, and I was able to climb into bed and get all nice and comfy.
So far I have had my stomach growling, but the broth took care of that. Now the hard work begins. Now I have the tool, my stomach is much,much smaller, I have a support group. Now it's time to start. This week and next week I am on a full clear fluid diet. The next stage will be a liquid diet, but not clear, so I'll have a few more options.
I am on pain meds. I can no longer ever again in my life take NSAIDS. I am limited, to Tylenol and a few other things. I am working to stay on top of my pain. I am very thankful that my husband is here to help me with everything I have to keep track of.
I do not want this blog to be all about my weight loss surgery and weight loss. I want this to be mostly about where the Lord is taking me in my life. I want it to be focused on him. I do know though, that he's walked with me through this process. He's the one I have turned to, I've prayed, and looked to him for guidance. I know that the one who will help me the most, is the Lord.
Next Thursday,we're coming up on the 14th year since our oldest went home to the Lord. I will just say it now, I need your prayers that day for sure, and I'll need them the next 6 days leading up. I know I need his strength, he knows how hard that day is for me and that the days leading up I'm often pretty messed up and just wading through the days. I continue to seek his peace and his comfort. He knows my grief, he knows my heart. He knows how scattered I am and how all over the place I am.
I hope you will all be patient with me, as I share my heart, just how scattered my brain really is, and this new life changing journey I am on with my weight loss.
I have had blogs over the years, but have never until this one shared it with friends and family. It's honestly very big for me. I have often been one not afraid to share my feelings or thoughts, but to open myself up so completely, that's a different story. I rarely let people in and let them see the complete me. So here we go, some may like or love me more and some may like me less and walk away. I am okay with those who need to walk away. I want those who truly WANT to be in my  life, here and those who don't, to leave. I don't need or want fake. I want honest. I want real.

So with all this scattered mess tonight, I'm off to get some sleep.

God Bless

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terre said...

no worries, my friend, i am here to stay!!! i am also proud of you putting it out there about this journey - hoping it will help someone else that needs to hear about it.

do what the doctor tells you and take it easy. (((christy)))

Jeremiah 29:11